The Markets We Serve

All Seasons Hire work closely with many well known businesses, across a wide variety of market sectors including:

  • Offices and all other commercial facilities
  • Air-conditioning and heating contractors
  • M&E contractors
  • Shop fitters
  • Retail shops, showrooms, banks and building societies
  • Hotels, pubs sports and leisure and
  • Hospitality, concerts, weddings, parties and all other indoor and outdoor events and temporary structures
  • Doctors, dentists and vet surgeries
  • Utilities
  • Government offices and facilities
  • The construction and building industry
  • Civil engineering

  • Civil engineering
  • Garages and repair workshops
  • Manufacturing, factories, warehousing and distribution facilities
  • Computer and telephony communication rooms
  • High-tech clean rooms
  • Farming facilities outbuildings
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Temporary buildings and portacabins
  • Medical and research institutions
  • Pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants
  • Foods processing, beverages, bottling and distilling
  • Facilities management and maintenance providers

It’s our business to keep you in business!

Keeping Retail Environments Cool



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The customer experience is all important to Retailers; shopping is a lifestyle issue and customers need to feel cool relaxed and encouraged to enjoy the experience of visiting their local shopping centre. When things go wrong with any part of the retail experience things need to get fixed quick!

During major refits all Retailers need to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for their customers and staff. All Seasons Hire provide temporary Air-conditioning to many retailers ensuring that it’s business as usual for customers and staff

Keeping Server Rooms Cool



Computer systems and other electronic installations play an important role in many businesses. Computer rooms and Telephone switch rooms create a lot of heat, it is imperative that they operate with complete reliability at all times. Mission-critical business applications require 100% reliability; air conditioning is a critical requirement and must perform consistently without fear of failure.

Most server and switch room processes will ensure that all data is regularly backed up; UPS and emergency plans for the failure of the computer equipment will all have back up procedures and disaster recovery plans. Air conditioning systems will not always be considered within disaster recovery plans! At best call-out arrangements for the air conditioning maintenance contractor will be in place, however if the air-conditioning can’t be repaired fast there needs to be further contingency

Tempory buildings



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Things may also get too cold for comfort! Temporary buildings and marquees are often used to overcome temporary disruption.

All Seasons Hire respond with speed and efficiency ensuring that if things get cold normal service is resumed without delay; the range of heating equipment is extensive and suitable for almost all environments.

Call Centres need to keep cool!



Love or hate them call centers can get very warm! All Seasons Hire are experts when it comes to keeping lots of people in large offices cool.

Older style buildings without fixed air-conditioning can be cooled using portable air-conditioning. Smaller offices also frequently need additional cooling, All Seasons Hire has a wide range of high quality air-conditioning models ready for all office environments




Document storage and archiving can become costly if not managed by experts.

Allseasons hire have the equipment and expertise to ensure even the most delicate documents can be stored safely. Recently, Allseasons were asked to heat the 8500sq mt warehouse used by Cambridge University to archive, exam papers. There was no installed heating system in the warehouse and damp and condensation were beginning to cause a problem. Allseasons supplied six powerful Hot House Ace 200 and one 140 heaters, to heat the area and then maintain the temperature of 17ºC. This is just one example of large area heater installations undertaken by Allseasons, our extensive range of heaters and dryers can be used in virtually any environment to ensure your goods or important documents and materials are kept at the perfect temperature.

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