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All Seasons Hire are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of temporary heating and cooling products. This, coupled with our strategically placed depots across the country means we can assist you in the running of any event, be it a small garden party or a large corporate event, any time of the year.

Should you be running a repeat or one off event, short or long term our qualified engineers will specify the exact equipment you’ll need to keep everyone comfortable and safe throughout the whole event.

All Seasons Hire can supply a complete package for your event supplying everything from power generation, for the running of the heating and cooling as well as additional power requirements, through to complete fuel management.

Packaging these services together gives the added benefit of reduced transport, installation and servicing cost and when combined with our 24/7 call out service means you can relax having complete peace of mind.



All Seasons Hire have a comprehensive range of heating units and we’ll specify the most efficient and cost effective for use during your event.

Electric Heaters: This range has been developed for heating smaller Tents and Gazebos, they are lightweight and highly portable.

High Capacity Heaters: These heaters have been developed to work reliably while unattended for long periods of time and are perfect for applications where very large volumes of clean, dry fume free heat are required.

Indirect Fired Heaters are designed to produce large volumes of clean, dry, fume free heat safely and economically and are ideally suited for events at venues with no installed heating.

Invariably the heaters are placed outside of the Marquee, building or temporary structure, flexible ducting is then used with ‘Splitters’ to evenly spread the heat throughout the Marquee. Finally diffusers are attached to give a smart, professional finish inside the event.

Tempory Heating Solutions
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  • Wide Range of Units Available
  • Full Nationwide Coverage
  • 24/7 Call Out
  • Fast Friendly Service
  • Full Fuel Management


Designed to provide heated water for use in kitchens, toilets and showers, making you totally self sufficient wherever your event is held. All Seasons boiler rental range includes multiple formats for ease of delivery and installation, it is one of the largest and modern boiler fleets in the uk. Boilers can also be connected to Air Handling Units for your ‘Top end events’ which will give a more even heat spread and the provision of a complete heating package.



All Seasons Hire can offer a wide range of portable air conditioning units and these are divided into three categories: Evaporative, Exhaust Tube and Split Type.


Evaporative units: As water is evaporated, energy is lost from the air, reducing the temperature, Evaporative coolers use this effect when it is difficult to duct away the heat created by conventional air-conditioning split or exhaust tube units. The larger units are perfect for open sided marquees and temporary structures.

Exhaust Tube units: These units provide cool air into the marquee or temporary structure in which they are positioned and the heat is dispensed to the outside via flexible ducting through gaps in the marquee wall or ceiling. These units are extremely easy to use and can be in operation within minutes of installations giving instant cooling.

Split Type units: These units also provide cool air into the room being used, however in this case the unit is split in two, putting part of it being positioned outside.

Temporary Cooling Solutions
  • 3.5kW to 550kW Power Range
  • Modern Cooling Hire Fleet
  • Heat Pump Hire Available
  • Bespoke Solutions Provided
  • Extensive Ancillary Equipment
  • Experienced Team of Installation Engineers

Chillers: Ideal for larger marquees or indoor arenas Portable Chillers connected to Air Handling Units and Fan Coils are the perfect choice. These AHU’s are 20kW where the biggest AC unit is only 10.3kW which allows less units to be used, combine this with the fact that they are discreet, quiet, and easy to manoeuvre makes them the ideal choice for your event or conference. Using less units means there is a cost tipping point where a chiller becomes cheaper than portable. All Seasons Hire will make sure you get the most cost effective system for your event.

Chillers ranging in size from 10kW to 550kW, multiple units can deliver even greater volumes of cooling.

Some of these units are also capable of delivering heat through Heat Pump technology giving a great option from taking the chill off early morning or late evening events.

Heat Pump Chillers: All Seasons Heat Pump Chillers can be used in conjunction with our air handling units to supply both cooled and heated air and are thermostatically controlled to allow the user to achieve their desired temperature.

Additional Services

A wide range of Portable Refrigeration units are also available from All Seasons Hire; these include Back Bars,Wine Coolers, Over-Counter Chilled Servers, Food and Drinks Merchandising Units, Ice Making and Hot Servers.

All Seasons provide a UK wide gas cylinder service, with sizes ranging from 11kg up to 47kg bottles which are ideal for short term events.

A diesel management service is offered nationwide and is the perfect option for ensuring there is no disruption of your heating service. Diesel fired heaters are perfect for large or more long term events.


All Seasons Hire have supplied heating and cooling to the following events:


World Famous Art Protected – A London Art College marked its 175th Birthday by organizing a Grand Exhibition of some of its current and past pupils , including Henry Moore, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. One very important aspect of the Exhibition was in keeping the atmospheric humidity of the Exhibition at the correct level to ensure there was no irreversible damage to the paintings. All Seasons Hire was called in to help out.

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Air Conditioning Provided to Mosque – Ramadan is the month of greatest religious observance in Islam, as mosques around the country prepared for this busy time All Seasons Hire provided one with temporary air conditioning.

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Heating Provided for concept Car Launch – When a leading car manufacturer required a unique heating solution for a recent event they called All Seasons Hire for their expert help.

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Event Heating for Midlands Exhibition – When a cold, damp weekend was forecasted, All Seasons Hire was contacted to supply heating to cover their temporary weekend event.

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Heating supplied for Red Bull Home Run – All Seasons Hire supply heating for the marquee areas at the Red Bull ‘Home Run’ Celebration Parade.

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Provide Air Conditioning to University Graduations – All Seasons Hire works with Colleges, Universities and Event Organisers to temporarily install Portable Air Conditioning at Town Halls, Temporary Marquees and University facilities.

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