Server Room Cooling & Portable Air Conditioning

If you are struggling to keep your server room at the correct operating temperature, or need a reliable back up option then call All Seasons Hire and arrange for an on site meeting. All Seasons Hire will provide advise and an expert view on the most suitable portable cooling solution.



Keeping server rooms adequately cool 24/7 is a critical process for most businesses. So when the installed air conditioning system fails or is simply not up to the job it’s important that an emergency air conditioning hire solution is found.


At All Seasons Hire we have extensive experience in providing emergency cooling to data centres and server rooms, including portable air conditioners and complete chiller installations. This experience means that we can react and get the right air conditioning system for your needs installed extremely quickly.

If the installed air conditioning system in the server room is inadequate modern computers can get dangerously hot extremely quickly. Hiring extra cooling on a temporary basis, for example over the summer months, can effectively keep temperatures down. This can increase the life and reliability of the machines and their components greatly, keeping costs down in terms of both damage costs and lost productivity.

Portable air conditioners can also be used to control hot spots in server rooms with fixed air conditioning systems. The nature of portable air conditioners, and in particular spot coolers, makes positioning them exactly where their cooling is needed very easy.

All Seasons Hire also offer a contingency planning service. We will put in place a complete plan for disaster recovery should your server room cooling fail. Having this plan in place means that we can respond as quickly as possible to your emergency hire needs.

The options for server room cooling are outlined below and include exhaust tube air conditioner rental, spot cooling, water cooled split hire and complete chiller installations.


TAE 602 - 160kw Chiller

Chiller Hire

Air Conditioning Hire

Portable chiller hire is an extremely reliable yet flexible method of providing cooling to server rooms and data centers of all sizes.

Rental chillers are available from 5kw up to 580kw from a single unit, and with several units multi megawatt packages are possible.

For large scale data centers chiller hire is the only option for providing temporary or permanent air conditioning. However their size does not stop them from being an option in emergency hire situations, as these portable units can be transported to site and installed almost as quickly at any other equipment.

Water cooled split air conditioners are the most efficient option when looking to hire server room cooling. This is is because they do not create negative pressure in the room, as unlike exhaust tube units they fully recycle the air.

These split systems have an internal unit to cool and redistribute the air. This indoor unit is connected via a water line (up to 30 metres) to an outdoor condensing unit which then chills the returning heated water.

These units are especially suited for running 24/7 in server rooms as they do not have an internal condensate bucket that needs emptying, enabling the unit to run uninterrupted.

Exhaust Tube Air Conditioning Hire

Spot Cooling

Exhaust tube air conditioners have the widest choice of cooling duty of any portable air conditioning unit, ranging from 3.5kw up to 10.25kw.

They work by splitting the warm air that they intake, then cooling half and recirculating it to the room and exhausting the other half as heated air. For this they need somewhere to extract the hot air to, most commonly this is out of a window.

Due to their small size and simple heat extraction these units are often the simplest air conditioning hire option to install.

Portable spot coolers are exhaust tube type air conditioning units which have flexible cold air ducts from the front panel.

These cold air ducts can be aimed to exactly where the cooling is needed. This makes spot cooler hire a great choice for use within server rooms that have hot spots, for example right where the server rack is located.

If your electronic equipment is located in a large area it may be more efficient to use spot cooling right at the heat sources location, rather than trying to cool the entire room. Over the long term this method of cooling can produce significant cost savings compared to general air con.

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