All Seasons Hire Supply Air Conditioning to the Military

All Seasons Hire Supply Air Conditioning to the Military

All seasons Hire was recently contacted by the army to provide Temporary Air Conditioning for training manoeuvres. The light brigade were carrying out the manoeuvres in Salisbury. After a meeting with the organisers it was decided that two 50Kw Chillers were needed to provide 100Kw of Air Conditioning for a single storey military building. To distribute the cooled air within the building four Air handling Units were spread evenly around the building. Four 27E Portable Exhaust Tube Air Conditioners were also needed to provide Air Con for separate tents in the area.  These powerful Portable units can supply 7.9Kw of Air Conditioning power, and are robustly built meaning they can be used on a large range of applications.

All Seasons Hire has a wide range of Portable Chillers ranging from 10kW to 550kW. The mix of Chillers available for Hire gives All Seasons Hire the flexibility to provide Temporary and Fixed Cooling Solutions of all types including Portable Air Conditioning, Portable Process Cooling, Low Temperature Applications. The company also supplies Portable Boilers ranging from 22kW three phase electric to 550kW Oil Fired or Natural Gas fired

All seasons Hire
provides Air Conditioning, Portable Chillers, Portable Boilers, Commercial Refrigeration and Heating Solutions for all types of business environments including small medium and large Events and Exhibitions, Server Room Air Conditioning, Disaster Recovery and any environment requiring Temporary Air Conditioning, Heating or Drying

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