Slide Into the Warm Waters of Britain’s Largest Outdoor Waterpark

You could think you were anywhere in the world when the suns out and everyone’s having fun, who needs to go abroad?

Unfortunately as we all know too well, life in the UK’s not quite the same when the sun goes in, and things can get a little too chilly, too quickly. However if you can keep the water temperature up, and constant, the kids won’t care, they’ll have fun whatever the weather.

Duo Pic

Following a site visit and consultation with the client ASH Engineers specified and installed a 500kW packaged gas boiler along with a 500kW plate heat exchanger. The system once installed enabled the water temperature to be kept at a constant 25°, positively Caribbean. This means the waterpark can open from May through to September enabling families to have great fun all day, swimming and riding the flumes.

Plate Heat Pump & Packaged Boiler

Just another example of how All Seasons Hire can assist you with all heating and cooling applications. Should you be experiencing problems and require expert advice please contact us and we’ll arrange a free site visit by one of our experienced engineers.

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