Boiler Fleet Expansion Ahead of the Winter Period

Preparations for this years cold weather is well underway here at All Seasons Hire. Not least of this is ensuring that we have the boiler fleet available to service peak demand throughout the winter period.

As such we are currently engaged in a manufacturing programme to extend our hire fleet with 12 additional boilers. This will result in the fleet being expanded by ten 600kW units and two 300kW units. Three weeks into a six week build schedule the manufacture of these units are on track to be completed by the end of October.

As well as expanding the existing fleets the ASH boiler manufacturing department always has an eye on new market opportunities. This has resulted in several new products being launched this year including a new 95kW unit and a dual 600kW burner unit.

95kW Compact Boiler


The 95kW boiler is a first in the UK market, with a frame designed to fit through a standard doorway. This extremely small footprint enables the unit to be located within existing plant rooms. Despite this units small size it still features a dual circuit, enabling both heating (LTHW) and domestic hot water supplies. The small footprint format achieved with this boiler perfectly demonstrates the engineering ingenuity provided by our in-house development teams.

1.2MW Container Boiler with Dual 600kW BuDual 600kW Burnersrners

Housed within a 20ft shipping container this unit is designed to provide either the full 1.2MW of duty or 600kW with 100% resilience. This unit is the result of the All Seasons Hire boiler design team being tasked with creating a run & standby option in a single unit. As such the team have engineered this unit with two boiler chambers sat side by side. Should there be any problems with the primary burner or boiler operation will automatically changeover to the standby system. Additionally the system pump is a twin head inverter driven unit. This ensures that any problems with the main pump drive and this can also automatically switchover.

Ancillary Production

As well as assembling our main boiler units All Seasons Hire also manufacture a full range of supporting equipment in-house. Our design and production expertise enables us to undertake contracts with a fully bespoke boiler package. We are confident that no matter what the complexity of the application we can provide the perfect range of equipment to give the best solution available. Ancillaries that we manufacture on site include:

  • Intelligent Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Twin Head Inverter Driven Pump Sets
  • Pressurisation Units
  • Flue Dilution Systems
  • Fully Custom Low Loss Headers
  • Complete Pump Houses Including Domestic Hot Water


Our complete range of ancillary equipment also includes almost any off the shelf items you may require for your heating or hot water needs. A recent addition to the supporting equipment we offer is flexible gas pipe. We listened to our customers feedback about the high cost of purchase for this item making it difficult for them to justify gas installation on a short term project. As such we now offer flexible gas pipe hire to all our customers streamlining the installation process, by cutting down the number of suppliers required, of our gas fired boilers. Our off the shelf ancillary items include:

  • Fully Bunded Steel Fuel Tanks
  • Power Extension Leads
  • Fittings for Any Connection Type
  • Complete Range of Pumps
  • Flexible Gas Pipe

Expert Installation Teams

As ASH push on with the expansion of the boiler fleet we realise it’s imperative that our engineering team also grows in sync. We are extremely proud of the high standards we set in our servicing and engineering teams and in order to retain this we are constantly on the lookout for the right people to add to the team. Our experienced engineers are always ready to react at short notice, whether that be for an emergency installation or to respond to a breakdown call.


It’s the combination of all these aspects; in-house boiler assembly, solution focused boiler package design, complete ancillary support and first rate installation & service, that we feel makes our boiler hire division the best out there.

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