CoolBreeze 50B: Double Strength Split Type Air Conditioner Launched

A new split type portable air conditioning unit has been added to the All Seasons Hire range, offering a massive 7.6kW of cooling whilst maintaining a slimline profile.

Coolbreeze 50BThe CoolBreeze 50B represents one of the most powerful portable air conditioning units available and has been designed with events and data centres in mind. Despite the larger cooling output the indoor unit has a smaller footprint compared to it’s little brother the CoolBreeze 25B. This makes it the ideal option for high demand sites where space is at a premium.

Mark Crabtree, Technical Director commented on the unit’s suitability for server room applications. “The unit provides a large volume of cooling in a small footprint and is ideal for server room applications especially where hot spots are causing problems to specific racks.”

This higher specification of this portable air conditioner also means that the outdoor unit can be sited farther from the main unit than on any other split type air conditioner, with hex lines up to 35 metres.

Low Temperature Applications

The increased cooling capacity of the CoolBreeze 50B unit coupled with the ability to lower the operating range of the split units to 9°C also make it the ideal choice for low temperature applications.


For details of the unit including full specifications please visit the CoolBreeze 50B product page. Alternatively contact a member of our team who will be more than happy to provide further information and advice. They are available by phone 0800 082 8001 or email during normal business hours.

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