Different Evaporative Cooler Uses Explained

With the weather getting hotter, and staying that way for longer, people’s minds are turning to air conditioning to keep cool.

While many will automatically reach for exhaust tube air conditioners as the type of air conditioning they know and love there are other options out there. One of them comes in the form of evaporative cooling. If you find yourself asking ‘What is an evaporative cooler?’ fear not as we are about to answer that question and more. Read on to find out more about the best evaporative cooler uses.

What Is an Evaporative Cooler?

coolspace 36 for evaporative cooler uses blog postAn evaporative cooler is a type of air conditioner that uses the process of evaporation to cool air. It differs from most other air conditioning in the fact that it doesn’t use refrigerants in the cooling process and doesn’t provide true climate control. Simply put, an evaporative cooler works by pulling hot air through damp filter media using a fan. As this hot air passes through the wet media heat is transferred from the air into the liquid which then evaporates. The cooler air is then pushed out of the front of the machine into the area to be cooled. For a more in depth explanation of how evaporative coolers work follow the link.

Commercial Evaporative Cooler Uses

shop for evaporative coolers explained blog postAlthough this form of air conditioning may not be the first choice for commercial applications there are some instances where evaporative coolers can be the best option. One of the most obvious commercial evaporative cooler uses is in retail outlets that have no access to any form of external ventilation. Many shops on the high street have huge feature windows at the front of the building but these rarely open. These are quite often the only windows the unit has leading to ventilation issues when it comes to traditional forms of air conditioning. Evaporative coolers allow you to negate this limitation.

Another commercial evaporative cooler use comes in the form of high air movement. In a large store where the traditional air conditioning system has failed exhaust tube air conditioners will cool to a limited radius. The air flow created by evaporative coolers can lead to a much more even cooling effect. It’s also worth noting that evaporative coolers are one of the quietest forms of temporary air conditioning available which may be a consideration for some retail outlets.

Industrial Evaporative Cooler Uses

warehouse for evaporative coolers explained blog postIndustrial evaporative cooler uses are quite possibly the most varied of the lot. Basic applications can include cooling for large, windowless structures such as warehouses and storage units. They are also ideal for industrial applications that require high air movement such as greenhouse cooling or animal housing.

Another industrial evaporative cooler use comes in the form of areas that require humidification. Thanks to evaporative coolers use of water as a cooling medium they increase the humidity of the area they are cooling. This can be advantageous in certain industrial applications that require a high humidity environment such as production or quality testing areas.

Residential Evaporative Cooler Uses

bedroom for evaporative cooler uses blog post 1Residential evaporative cooler uses in the UK are the most limited. There are few instances where an evaporative cooler will provide a better cooling prospect than an exhaust tube air conditioner. With that being said, in the rare event that a residential room has no windows an evaporative cooler would provide a viable cooling alternative.

It’s also worth noting that an evaporative cooler can increase comfort levels for individuals that require a more humid environment with high air movement. Where traditional air conditioners can dry the air to an uncomfortable level evaporative coolers can increase comfort levels by providing a moister environment. Although it would be a rarity in the UK a very real residential evaporative cooler application elsewhere in the world comes in naturally dry and hot environments. A cooler temperature and higher humidity can improve comfort in these regions significantly.

Now you know more about how air conditioners work and their ideal applications why not take a look at our new coolspace range. Alternatively you can contact us and speak to one of our expert technical sales team to find out more about our evaporative cooler hire options.

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Written by Ryan Hill

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