Emergency 3mW Boiler Installation

When a loss in pressure through leakage was found in a local district energy system All Seasons Hire were called in to help. Within hours a 3mW package was put together, consisting of 2 x 1.2mW and 1 x 600kw boilers, backed up with 4 x 4500ltr fuel tanks and 2 generators, and were soon on their way to cover a possible full breakdown of the system.

The emergency team had reacted fast to the request and the system was quickly readied to put into action, once in place a plan was set to fully take over the system enabling full repairs to be made. This part of the district energy system looked after a National Companies Headquarters, a local swimming and diving centre and 2 hotels so it was imperative the work was carried out swiftly, allowing all employees and clients of the hotels to go about there business without any knowledge of the problems caused by the leakage

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