Emergency District Energy System Provided for Social Housing Scheme

Emergency District Energy System Provided for Social Housing Scheme

All Seasons Hire recently worked through the night to provide a large scale district energy solution to a social housing scheme in South East London.

We were contacted by the housing schemes maintenance providers and were told that the sites existing boiler system had failed. This meant that the housing schemes old and vulnerable residents were left to the mercy of the cold and wet weather with no form of heating or hot water. 

London Flats for all seasons hire district energy solution blog postTherefore the job was extremely time critical so, alongside the schemes maintenance providers, we performed a site survey as soon as possible.

The team decided that a 2.7 MW gas fired solution would be more than adequate to provide heating and hot water for the flats. The boilers were delivered that same day and our team agreed to stay on site until they were up and running due to the vulnerable nature of the housing schemes residents. This resulted in them working through the night.

Although we promise a 24/7 maintenance provision for all our solutions once they are installed we don’t shy away from performing late or out of hours installations when they are required. We really do pride ourselves on our emergency service so when we say we want to get you back up and running as soon as possible we really do mean it. This means that when you choose All Seasons Hire to provide cooling or heating solutions for your business you really will experience the minimum of disruption. Or, in this case, the quickest provision of heat and hot water for vulnerable individuals.

Written by Ryan Hill

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