Emergency Server Room Air Conditioning

Emergency Server Room Air Conditioning

Emergency Air Conditioning was recently supplied by All Seasons Hire to the main Server Room of a well known company. The need for extra Air Conditioning duty arose when an increase in ambient temperatures meant that the Fixed Air Conditioning system could no longer cope.

The problem quickly became critical as temperatures rose to over 30oC within the Server Room, this lead the company to make the Emergency call for extra Air Conditioning late on the Friday afternoon. All seasons Hire quickly responded supplying two Cool Breeze 15P Split Unit Air Conditioners. Once the Air Con units had been installed and were up and running the temperatures almost immediately dropped to a manageable level.

Split Type Portable Air Conditioning units consist of two parts; an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit contains the compressor which Cools water in the system, this is then fed in a loop to the indoor unit. The indoor unit takes in the air in the room and uses the cold water supplied from the outdoor unit to Cool the air. This Conditioned Air is then spread by the fan system in the indoor unit.

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