SmartGuard Fuel Monitoring Introduced

Remote fuel telemetry has been introduced for use with All Seasons Hire’s fuel tank fleet.

remote-fuel-monitorAs part of the roll-out of telemetry options across the hire fleet All Seasons Hire have this week added SmartGuard fuel monitoring. This drop-in probe unit enables the remote monitoring of a useful range of parameters. The unit is available for use with the fuel tank sizes 1,000 litres up to 4,500 litres.

  • Low Level Alarm
  • Fuel Level Monitoring
  • Theft Alarm
  • Contamination Alarm
  • Exportable Data
  • Estimated Remaining Days Fuel

The SmartGuard system is designed as a GSM based wireless unit. Meaning that once the unit is installed by All Seasons Hire prior to delivery no further on site setup is required, making the option ideal for dry hire applications. The battery powered probe can provide readings for ten years without replacement, far longer than most hire periods.

Remote telemetry provides peace of mind about your fuel levels no matter where you are in the world.

Alarm Notifications

The low fuel level alarm can be set to a customisable litreage triggering an alert when this level is hit. This feature can be used either as a warning that regular fuel deliveries are not providing enough fuel to to trigger manual fuel orders.

The theft alarm sends a similar alert when there is a sudden drop in fuel level. With the increasing cost of fuel and thus increased risk of fuel theft this provides instant notification of a potential theft.

The final alert is for fuel contamination. This sends a notification if water has become mixed with the fuel in the tank. This instant feedback means that a quick response can be made to ensure the tank is secure from the elements to prevent further contamination.




Accessing Telemetry Reports

Customers with fuel tank telemetry can login to view the data from any browser. The login portal can be found on our Remote Telemetry page.

Additionally alarms can be set up as a warning of low fuel level, sudden fuel level drop and fuel contamination. These email alerts are provided to both the customer as well as directly to All Seasons Hire, meaning the response can be immediate.

For more information on our complete range of telemetry options check out our post on Telemetry Solutions.

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