Heating and Hot Water Provided for RAF Barracks

When an RAF barracks’ existing boiler and heating system was due for refurbishment they tasked All Seasons Hire with providing a temporary solution.

An RAF barracks in the North of England recently required a temporary heating solution and contacted All Seasons Hire to cover their existing systems refurbishment. Upon carrying out a site survey and discussing with the client we discovered that an unusual pipework layout could hamper installation.

250 kW chiller

It was agreed that the best course of action would be to split the heating and hot water system into 3 separate, closed loop circuits. Despite the fact this project was due to be started at the beginning of summer the client still required a heating provision in case ambient temperatures dropped below seasonal average.

To make this slightly unusual solution work we provided 1 x 500 kW and 2 x 250 kW boilers. We then installed 3 standalone intelligent plate heat exchangers, each with temperature control and diverting valves to ensure the water could be delivered at the correct temperature.

This is yet another example of All Seasons Hire’s ability to adapt and provide practical and efficient solutions to non-standard applications. With our expert team of engineers and expansive selection of both boiler units and ancillaries there’s no such thing as an install we can’t do. Contact us for more information.

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Written by Ryan Hill

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