Helping Keep The Royal Navy Afloat

When extensive refurbishments were required on this Naval vessel All Seasons Hire were called in to assist with a temporary heating and hot water system.

Due to planned refurbishment of the ships on-board boiler system and pipework a temporary system was required, it was also necessary for the ship stay ‘live’ during the 6 weeks the update was planned to take. This included heating and all hot water throughout the ship and its crews quarters.

The situation was assessed and a plan of action was put into place. A 500kW Boiler would be placed on-board and pipework attached straight into the ships system.

However on arrival a change was requested to place the Boiler Quayside, not a problem, extra flexible pipework was requested and driven straight down from our nearest depot.

The Boiler now in place and set up ready for commissioning when another request was made, the Captain needed to turn his ship about in order to commence other work that was to take place on the vessel.

Ship Twin Pic

The Boiler would now be at the wrong end of the ship so arrangements were quickly made and the boiler was lifted the ships full length and reinstalled. A plate pack was placed on the prow of the ship and due to the weight of the flexible pipes dropping over the side to the boiler ropes were run alongside them and cleated into place to help take up the weight.

Twin Pic 1

The boiler was commissioned with our engineer fully checking the system throughout the ship prior to leaving the site. The project was fully completed on time and exceeded our clients expectations.


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