Hot Water Storage Added to the Boiler Hire Fleet

Six new Lochinvar LST 220 GE are now available to hire as part of All Seasons Hire’s extensive range of ancillary equipment.

Lochinvar LSTThe direct storage tanks add flexibility to the domestic hot water packages available. They are pressurised for use in conjunction with All Seasons Hire domestic hot water plate heat exchanges. Including a storage vessel on the DHW circuit provides a shorter system recovery time, ideal for applications with high peak demand.

Use of this equipment also allows smaller boilers to be used when the peak hot water demand is only for a short period of time. This has been successfully implemented at army barracks and hotels where the demand for hot water has a sharp peak in the early morning and evening as people use showers.

Full details of the hot water storage tanks, including the specification sheet download can be found on the product page.

Fully Bespoke Boiler Packages

Bespoke Boiler DesignThe addition of these hot water tanks strengthens All Seasons Hire’s ability to provide flexible boiler solutions.

We have a technical department available to assist in specifying the ideal package for your requirement. Each project is designed as a completely bespoke package.

This is supported by a comprehensive selection of ancillary equipment including: heat exchangers, pumps, cold water boost systems, boiler pressurisation and low loss headers.

This equipment can be provided on a project specific basis with our in-house development and assembly plant able to provide solutions for even the most complicated applications.


For full details of our complete services please visit the boiler hire section of our website.


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