New Chillers Arrive At London Depot

All Seasons Hire have continued the expansion of their chiller hire fleet. Delivery of a selection of units to the London depot has increased the availability of chillers for the Capital and South East.

The arrival of the final units this week completes an order for 18 chillers from our Italian manufacturer. Covering a comprehensive range of cooling duties from 100kW up to 750kW the additional units strengthen All Seasons Hire’s ability to service any temporary cooling requirement.

The equipment is stored in East London yard space shared with the other specialist businesses from the HSS group. This close proximity to both UK Platforms and Abird Generators enables the smooth delivery of complete packages including powered access for installation works and power generation.

Also included in the delivery are two 100kW heat pumps and three 160kW heat pumps. These units are capable of providing both heating and cooling and are ideal for use in the events industry. When combined with either the external air handling units or internal fan coils they provide the ultimate temporary climate control, able to provide cooling in the day and switch to heating mode during the evening. Alternatively these heat pump packages can be utilised on long term projects spanning the seasons. Meaning the same system can be used through the Winter for heating and Summer for cooling.

Heat pump chillers are also the ideal equipment for use on large underfloor heating projects. Technical Director Mark Crabtree commented “These Heat Pump chillers can hold temperature to within +/- 2°C of set point and are designed to work with high flow rates associated with underfloor systems.” Going on to say “heat pump chillers are also ideal where low level heating is required however solid fuel boilers are impractical due to site restrictions.”

For full information on the temporary chiller packages All Seasons Hire provide please contact us on 0800 082 8001 or send us an email at


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