Process Cooling Provided for Luxury Engine Manufacturer

A UK based luxury engine manufacturer recently required a bespoke temporary cooling system.

All Seasons Hire were recently called upon to provide a bespoke process cooling solution for a big name in UK engine manufacturing. As part of their world class engineering process the company uses wax moulds. These wax moulds are particularly integral to the production of engine blocks and turbine blades.

The moulds are required to be kept cool at all times. If they are allowed to get too hot they run the risk of melting and losing their intricacies. Their existing cooling system had failed and put the company’s production timeline in jeopardy.

300 kW chiller for rolls royce blog postIt was at this point that All Seasons Hire were contacted. We were aware that the longer cooling couldn’t be provided the longer production would have to be halted. This meant we called on our emergency response expertise to provide a solution as quickly as possible. In response to the client’s needs our team of engineers designed a bespoke temporary cooling system.

The system was comprised of 2 x 300 kW chillers and 150 kWs worth of air handlers. This set up allowed us to ensure the whole wax shop was sufficiently cooled to allow mould design to continue. This in turn allowed the overall engine manufacturing process to continue as planned. Once again this is another example of All Seasons Hire providing a solution for a company to return to ‘business as usual.’ 

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Written by Ryan Hill

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