Temporary Solution Provided For Failed Rooftop Chiller

All Seasons Hire responded to a request for help from a national facilities management company when the rooftop chiller of a large office block failed.

The office block houses a number of high profile companies including Sodexo and NHS office space. The FM company in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the building needed to act quickly to restore services. 200-300kw-bicold-blankFollowing diagnosis of the fault on the chiller it became clear that the unit would need to be replaced. Due to the lead time on a new chiller it was decided that a temporary unit would be required with hot weather on the horizon.


It was at this point that a call was put in to All Seasons Hire. A site survey was quickly organised to confirm the required equipment as well as the install method and accessibility to the site.  Once on site the Sales Engineer determined that the best setup for the equipment would be to locate the 300kW air cooled chiller in the car park at ground level and run the pipework up the side of the building to the existing plant on the roof.

Install Method

The three storey building meant a vertical climb of 18 metres for the pipework. It was agreed that the FM company would provide scaffolding at the side of the building whilst All Seasons Hire would position and secure the pipework. The pipework was installed by first affixing single flow and return lengths to the bottom of the scaffolding. Six lengths of hose were then carried up the scaffolding to the roof where they were assembled into two lengths and connected to the buildings existing system. The connected pipework lengths were then lowered down the scaffolding and connected to the already secured pipework at the bottom.

The fully installed pipework was then fully secured in place at both the top of the building and all the way down the scaffolding. Safety measures were also put in place to close the pathway in order to eliminate and trip hazard. The existing power supply was also utilized for the temporary chiller. With the set of 95mm cables again run down the scaffolding and secured into place.

With install fully completed the customer was left extremely impressed with the quality of both the equipment and install. Additionally the customer was especially happy with the specification service provided by the Sales Engineer, with the exorbitant costs of a crane to lift a temporary unit onto the roof completely avoided.


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