All Seasons Hire Expand Evaporative Cooler Fleet

We are excited to announce that we have recently expanded our evaporative cooler fleet with three new additions.

Our Coolspace range includes the biggest evaporative cooler we have ever stocked and are perfect for applications that need huge cooling capacity but are completely enclosed. The new range comes in multiple sizes meaning we have an evaporative cooler for any application. 

The Coolspace 16 is the smallest of the three and, with a cooling area of 47m² is ideally suited for slightly smaller applications such as retail outlets. The Coolspace 36 model is the middle size in our range and is perfect for applications that are usually too big for standard evaporative coolers. With a cooling area of 235 m² it can easily cool locations such as warehouses or storage centers. The Coolspace 48 is the largest of our new evaporative coolers and is an absolute monster. With a cooling area of a whopping 325 m² it is absolutely ideal for applications such as large warehouses. Click on the images below for more information on the individual products.

Coolspace 16 for evaporative coolers blog postcoolspace 16 specifications
Coolspace 36 for evaporative coolers blog postcoolspace 36 specifications
Coolspace 48 for evaporative coolers blog postCoolspace 48 for evaporative coolers blog post


Why Use Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are specifically designed to cool areas with no external access to expel hot air. Thanks to their completely enclosed cooling system they don’t put any of the filtered heat back into the atmosphere. This means they are ideal for a multitude of applications including automotive workshops, factories, warehouses, marquees, retail applications and many more.

The Coolspace models in particular come with three different fan unit sizes, 40, 90 and 130 cm. They also have two speeds and variable drives allowing you to easily control just how much cooling capacity they put out. They also have large water reservoirs that allow for up to 8 hours of continual, expandable cooling. By connecting a garden hose or portable supply tank you can extend cooling times indefinitely.

The systems also feature a low-water shut off system that monitors water levels and turns off the system when the level is too low. This prevents damage to the pump system and also ensures the unit is always operating as a cooler rather than just a fan system. Evaporative coolers are also far simpler to maintain and clean than other types of air conditioning unit with reservoir access granted via a plug.

How Do Evaporative Coolers Work?

Have you ever noticed how much cooler it feels next to a waterfall or the sea on an extremely hot day? This is evaporative cooling in action. When it comes to the sea or waterfalls, cooling occurs when hot air is blown over cold water. As some of the water evaporates water vapor is added to the air and has a cooling effect.

evapairdiagram_500In terms of evaporative coolers the base mechanics are essentially the same. A fan pulls hot air out of the atmosphere and pushes it through cooling pads. As the air moves through the pads, which are constantly being fed with cold water via a pump, the air is cooled by the evaporation process. The cool air is then pushed out into the atmosphere. This is exactly why evaporative coolers are ideal for cooling applications where there is no external access.

For more information on our selection of evaporative coolers take a look at our evaporative coolers range.

Written by Ryan Hill

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