All Seasons Hire Provide Emergency Cooling for Railway Project

As the weather heats up All Seasons Hire were called upon to solve an issue that threatened to put a huge railway project’s construction timeline in jeopardy.

A large railway extension project that is currently being carried out in the South of England recently encountered difficulty that threatened to extend its delivery deadline. All Seasons Hire were called in to resolve the issue immediately.

A huge part of the construction effort involves pouring large amounts of concrete. To create this concrete water is mixed with other materials. However, as the weather started to heat up engineers found that the ambient water temperature was too high which was causing the concrete to set too quickly.

50 kW Chiller For Cross Rail BlogWhen concrete cures too quickly a huge number of issues can arise, the most serious of these being the fact it can become brittle and crack. This makes it unusable. With huge amounts of concrete being produced daily you can imagine the logistical problems this could cause. Ultimately it left the construction timeline of the whole project at risk of over running.

In response to the issues the project was encountering All Seasons Hire quickly provided an ideal solution. To ensure water temperature was regulated correctly ASH connected a 50 kW chiller directly to the sites cold water services. This allows construction to go ahead as planned with the reassurance that the site will always be able to produce concrete no matter what the ambient temperature is.

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Written by Ryan Hill

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