All Seasons Hire Provide Emergency Heating to Major Film Studio

All Seasons Hire Provide Emergency Heating to Major Film Studio

All Seasons Hire were recently contacted by a world leading film studio to provide temporary heating during shooting.

We were contacted by the film studio themselves as their existing heating system had failed, jeopardising the timeline of filming for their latest movie. As with many of our jobs, speed of response was key.Big Brother Direct Fired Heater For Film Studio Heating Post

We actioned the call extremely quickly, with a site survey and product delivery carried out within 3 hours of it being received. This was due to the fact we immediately dispatched an engineer upon receiving the call. Two 100 kW, Big Brother, heaters were enough to provide more than adequate heating for the studio in question.

This is yet another example of our commitment to providing solutions for our clients as quickly as possible to limit the negative business impact HVAC system failure can have. When something as time sensitive as blockbuster movie production is involved millions can be at stake if there is even a slight delay. However, no matter what the industry, speed of response and solution is something we hold with extreme importance.

Temporary heating is not all we specialise in providing for the film production, and other, industry applications. We can also deliver cooling for server rooms and studios, process cooling for prop manufacturing and general hot water and heating applications.

We also specialise in a wide range of heating equipment. Whether you are interested in electric heaters, indirect fired heaters, direct fired heaters or marquee heaters please visit our heater hire page.

Written by Ryan Hill

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