All Seasons Hire Provide Temporary Boiler Plant During Two Year Regeneration

As area regeneration work continues All Seasons Hire provides temporary boiler plant to a well-known London market.

The market makes up part of a 56 acre area in Central London that is currently undergoing a huge amount of regeneration work. Whilst a part of the aforementioned regeneration work was being carried out the site’s existing hot water and heating system suffered damage as part of the piping system was cracked.

With the boiler system being over 30 years old and suffering from other structural issues the site managers opted to hire a temporary solution to cover the duration of the rest of the planned regeneration work.

Within hours of All Seasons Hire receiving the call our technical director was on site carrying out a no obligation site survey to determine the sites exact needs. It was decided that 2 x 600 kW boilers would be sufficient to cover the sites heating and hot water requirements.

600 kW boilersAs with many of our temporary installs the plan was to stab into the existing systems still functioning pipework. This is the fastest and lowest impact method of temporary installation available. Due to the nature of the site the only area available for stab in was located under layers of concrete. The concrete was removed and the boilers were situated directly next to the stab in location. The temporary plant was then protected by heras fencing. A separate container was also placed on site, within the heras fencing, containing all necessary ancillary equipment.

This job is another example of an application that required a bespoke solution from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet requirements that other companies cannot using our highly qualified engineering and technical sales team. Contact us today for more information on our bespoke boiler hire services.

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Written by Ryan Hill

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