Telemetry Solutions That Monitor All Your HVAC Projects


All Seasons Hire are now using leading state of the art telemetry solutions to give our clients total piece of mind.

The units can now be fitted not only to our fuel tanks but to our boilers and chillers and can be configured to enable a complete system to be remotely monitored. All seasons Hire is best known for its bespoke built systems and equipment so only the best telemetry units are being used and can be set to give our clients exactly what they require. Remote management uses the latest technology to transfer real time information back to our head quarters or straight to the client on their desktop, mobiles and tablets, enabling total management of equipment and fuel.

One piece of hardware, many possibilities:

Final Telemetry PicBenefits

  • Optimise Logistics
  • No Run Outs
  • Detect Faults
  • Monitor Temperatures
  • Log Usage
  • Customer Satisfaction.


  • Temperature
  • Flow Rate
  • battery Voltage
  • kWh Energy Usage
  • Fault Alarms

Final Boiler picFault Alarms

  • Burner lockout
  • Low Pressure
  • Power Fail
  • Pump Fail
  • Pressure System Fault
  • Emergency Shutdown



Chiller FinalChillers

  • Temperature
  • Flow rate
  • Battery Voltage
  • Fan Fail
  • Fault Alarms

Fuel Tanks

  • Fuel Level
  • Theft Alarm
  • Leakage Alarm
  • Bund Alarm

How does it work?

Remote programming from a simple web portal will enable reports and data to be sent periodically and on alarm and can be customised to a clients specific requirements.

  • Customised portals and reports
  • Data interface to ERP/SAP
  • Email & SMS Alarms
  • Historical data export
  • View on PC
  • View on Phone/Tablet
  • Spreadsheet analysis
  • Customer logins

When you’re specifying your next HVAC solution please contact us to discuss how this technology can help you better manage your project.



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