The Top 10 Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

If you’ve been following us for a little while now you probably know we’ve got a bit of a love affair going on with air conditioning.

Despite our, borderline, obsession even we know there are times when air conditioning just won’t work. Nine times out of ten this will be when you’re stuck outside, in the sun, wishing for anything to help cool you down even the tiniest bit. With the summer sporting season now in full swing with the beginning of Wimbledon more and more people are going to find themselves battling with the stifling heat.

So, until someone creates either a personal air conditioning suit or a way to cool outside (both are probably a while off we think) we’ve put together this top 10 of ways you can help beat the heat.

10. Keep Your Pulse Points Cool

Wrist for non air conditiong article

If you can find a source of cold water a surefire way of cooling yourself down is exposing your pulse points to it. The simplest way of doing this is running cold water over your wrists or submerging them in a bucket of water. This works because it exposes points where the distance between the skin and main blood vessels are shortest to a source of cooling. This initiates heat transfer and helps to cool your blood which, in turn, helps to lower your core temperature. Both should be done for about a minute at a time. You can also get a similar effect by splashing cold water on your face and temples.

9. Eat Hot, Stay Cool

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Now this point may not be to everyone’s liking, if you’re not a fan of spicy food you may as well jump to number 8. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that almost all spicy foods originated in some of the world’s hottest locations? Chili from Latin America and curries from India and Thailand are just a few examples of this. Although it’s not confirmed it’s thought that part of the reason hot foods are so popular in hot countries is the fact that they make you sweat without raising your body temperature. This allows for an increased evaporative cooling effect to take place which should then lower your body temperature more effectively. This is down to Capsaicin, the active ingredient in all chili peppers that induces the burning sensation when they are eaten. So go as hot as you can handle to cool it down.

Thanks to MNN for these two great tips –

8. Find Shade

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This could be classed as an obvious one but it’s surprising how many people you see sitting in direct sunlight whilst fanning themselves silly. It’s no secret that direct sunlight has a warming effect on the skin. This is always intensified during the summer months. By finding shade you remove your skin from the warming sun rays and give it a chance to cool back down again. If you don’t want to sit in the shade all day avoid the sun around midday when it is at its most intense.

7. Don’t Booze (We’re Sorry)

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For many of us a cold beer or G&T goes hand in hand with glorious sunshine but don’t reach for the glass just yet. It’s a well-known fact that alcohol actually has a dehydrating effect on the body. This is because it is a diuretic, meaning it makes you urinate more. When you are already hot and sweating losing even more fluid via dehydration can make a bad situation even worse. It can lead to you feeling tired, sluggish and headachey. To keep yourself hydrated and therefore give your body a better chance at regulating its temperature its best to drink plenty of water or low-sugar fizzy drinks.

6. Dress for the Weather

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Wearing tight fitting, heavy clothing such as jeans or thick shirts is extremely counterproductive when it comes to keeping yourself cool. They will have an insulating effect leading to heat being trapped against your body. Opt instead for light linen shirts and trousers. They hang loosely from your body allowing air, and therefore body heat, to move around much more freely. Also try to wear light coloured clothing. The lighter it is the more heat it will reflect in contrast to dark clothing that absorbs heat. It’s also worth thinking about wearing a wide brimmed hat. Although it might add 20 years it will give you a mobile source of shade all day long.

5. Spray Bottles are Your Friend

spray-bottle for non air con blog postIf you know you’re going to be spending all day out in the sun it’s worth shoving a water spray bottle in your bag. Spraying your pulse points can be a less effective alternative to dunking them in cold water. Additionally to this, coating your skin in a thin layer of water will help accentuate this evaporative cooling effect that we keep going on about. Above all else the cold water will have an immediate cooling effect on your hot skin giving you instant relief.

Thanks to GMA news for this handy tip –

4. Lay Back and Think of a Winter Wonderland

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This one’s a bit on the crazy side but if no other options are available to you you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it. Research has found that imagining you are sat in a colder environment can actually lead to you feeling cooler. So close your eyes, imagine your breath frosting in front of your face as your feet crunch through pristine white snow and cross your fingers!

3. Use a Hand Fan

hand fan for non air con blog post 2Although fans don’t actually cool the air around you they can still have a cooling effect on the human body. Air movement can cool your body through heat transfer. As the ‘cold’ air travels across your skin heat transfer pulls heat away from your body helping to cool it. A cool breeze can also increase the evaporative cooling effect of sweating. By using either an electric or manual hand fan to move air across your face you can help yourself feel significantly cooler.

2. Graze

fresh fruit for non  aircon blog postHaving large, protein heavy meals when you’re hot is a no no. Not only does such a meal increase your metabolic rate (and therefore body temperature) it also leads to your body using more blood to digest the food leaving you at a higher risk of dehydration. Instead snack regularly on lighter, moisture rich foods such as fruit and vegetables. If we’re completely honest this is great advice for year round eating habits as it has a host of health benefits outside helping you regulate your body temperature.

We think thanks should go to the Consumer Energy Center for this fantastic idea –

1. Acclimatise

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It’s important to remember that the body is an extremely clever thing. Although all of these methods will help you deal with the effects the heat will have on your body there is no alternative to allowing your body the time to get used to the temperature. Don’t go and spend all day in the sun the first opportunity you get. Instead expose yourself in increments and build up your natural resilience to the heat. Before you know it you’ll be out and about with the best of them!

We hope these top tips give you some relief during the (hopefully) hot months to come. If you have any you think we should add let us know in the comments below or via our social media channels and we’ll make sure you get a mention! Of course, if do you need temporary air conditioning look no further than our air conditioning hire service. Our expert team are on hand to guide you through the rental process and with free site surveys you can’t go wrong. Contact us for more information.

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Written by Ryan Hill

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