Dryer & Dehumidifier Hire & Emergency

All Seasons Hire’s dehumidifier rental service is one of the most comprehensive on the market today. Our range of dehumidifiers are ideal for both domestic and industrial applications with them able to dry anything from a flood damaged home to damp commercial buildings quickly and efficiently.

Our team of technicians and engineers can provide complete emergency dehumidifier rental packages designed per application. This ensures the drying process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible allowing you to return to business as usual. Additionally to this, for areas with no existing heating, we can provide a combined heating and dehumidifying hire package to order. This facilitates a complete and effective drying process.

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Temporary Dehumidifier Hire Solutions
  • Free Site Survey
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Complete Specification Service
  • 24/7 Call Out Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Highly Qualified Install Technicians
  • Full Project Management

Dehumidifier Rental


All of the dehumidifiers stocked by All Seasons Hire for rental and sale are of a modern, sturdy and lightweight design. This makes them highly portable and easy to position which is important when you have multiple rooms to dry. All our dehumidifiers can be run from a standard 13 amp power socket for ease of use. Some of our models can also run from a 110v power supply making them ideal for use on building sites where that is the only form of power available. This makes our dehumidifiers ideal for both domestic and industrial applications.

Our emergency dehumidifier rental service is also intrinsically linked to our heater hire service. When using dehumidifiers to dry a building it’s important that the ambient temperature is raised, normally as high as possible. This is due to the fact that the higher the air temperature is the more moisture it can hold. This then means there is more moisture for the dehumidifier to pull out of the air, speeding up the dehumidification process. For more information on our heater rental range take a look at our heater hire page.

Dryer Hire

Specialist Carpet Drying


When you need more drying power than a standalone dehumidifier the Powerblow Carpet Dryer is the perfect answer. Designed specifically with flood and fire disaster recovery in mind the Powerblow Carpet Dryer is manufactured out of tough polyethylene. When used in conjunction with its Hydra cavity attachment it is ideal for drying between wall cavities or under carpets and floorboards.

Thanks to its ingenious design it is the perfect option for providing high levels of air movement to multiple targeted points from a single unit. This greatly improves drying speed meaning a quicker return to business as usual for you.

Carpet Dryers

  • High Capacity Units
  • 230v & 110v Options Available
  • Rugged Construction

  • Provides Heat & Ventilation
  • Specialist Carpet Attatchment
  • Tough Polythene Construction

Floor Screed Drying


If you are looking for a practical solution for effective floor screed drying using underfloor heating our 22 kW boilers are ideal. The main advantage of this method is shortened construction time as the underfloor heating can be used before the fixed plant is up and running.

Our experience in using these boilers is extensive and our technical sales team are always on hand to offer advice on setup and installation. Contact us for more information.


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Flood Recovery


With the threat of flooding only becoming more common for families and businesses around the UK it’s important those affected are able to get back on their feet as soon as possible. We have years of specialist experience in providing drying solutions for disaster recovery. In response to the floods earlier this year (2014) we put together a specialist drying package to facilitate rapid and effective drying of homes and commercial buildings. It combines heating, dehumidification and air movement to quickly and thoroughly dry any building.

For more information on our drying packages and flood recovery tips take a look at our flood recovery page.

View our flood recovery page

  • 22kW Electric Boiler
  • Speeds Up Drying Process
  • 415v 3 Phase 32A Power Supply

  • Specialist Drying Package Available
  • Available For Emergency Delivery
  • Flood Recovery Guide

Dehumidifier Hire & Dryer Hire
  • Specialist dehumidifier applications
  • Flood Damage
  • Building Drying
  • Damp Removal
  • Corrosion Prevention
  • Mold & Fungus Prevention
  • Product Drying
  • Seed Drying
  • Stock Storage

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