Portable Space Heater Hire &
Emergency Rental

All Seasons Hire’s expansive range of portable heaters for rent are ideally suited for a number of temporary heating requirements. Our emergency heater hire range includes a complete selection of fuel types and formats, this means we can provide for numerous heating applications straight from stock.

For individual applications we can provide heating rental options with power outputs ranging from 3 kW for a small room up to 220 kW for larger spaces. If you require an even larger heater hire solution we can provide a comprehensive package consisting of multiple space heaters for hire that are all thermostatically controlled.

You can rent our portable heater solutions on both a short and long term basis and in conjunction with our fuel management service. This results in a minimum fuss solution that keeps you warm whenever you need it to. Combine this with our nationwide depot network and 24/7 engineer support service and it is clear that All Seasons Hire’s space heater hire service is ideal for all your heating needs. Contact us now for more information or read on to discover more about our range.

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Temporary Heating Hire Solutions
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Your Three Heating Hire Options

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Direct Fired Heaters


Direct fired heaters are often ideal for supplying heat to both large and small spaces alike while also being very simple to setup and install. The modest, uncomplicated design of these space heaters means they can provide large amounts of heating power at a relatively low hire rate compared to other temporary heating rental options. These units are available in both diesel and gas fired options. However, due to the way in which direct fired heaters create heat they should not be used in areas without adequate ventilation and cannot be ducted.

In addition to hiring out the heater itself All Seasons Hire can also provide a range of ancillaries to provide an all-encompassing heater hire solution whatever type of heater you choose. We can supply ducting, thermostats, generators, diffusers, power extension cables and terminal plugs supporting 13amp, 16amp, 32amp, 3 phase, 110 and 230 volt power outputs.

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Indirect Fired Heaters


Our range of indirect fired heaters are ideal for providing temporary heating for large spaces and are ideal for structures such as marquees. Just like our direct fired heaters they are available in both diesel oil and lpg gas fuel models. However, unlike direct fired heaters our indirect fired heaters for hire utilise an enclosed chamber to heat air. This means that a naked flame isn’t used in the heating process. This results in the heated air having no impact on atmospheric humidity and also means the air can be ducted safely. This ultimately allows the heater to be placed away from the area needing heating meaning more flexibility for you.

Despite this, for use in well ventilated areas, direct fired heaters are an ideal solution. If you require extra fuel, both our direct and indirect fired heaters can be connected to our EU approved, double bunded fuel tanks.

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  • LPG Gas or Diesel Fuel
  • 28 kW – 115 kW Power Output
  • Highly Efficient Heating

  • LPG Gas or Diesel Fuel
  • 4.2 kW – 220 kW Power Output
  • Zero Fume Output

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Electric Heaters


Our electric heater hire range consists of multiple formats including electric fan heaters, oil filled radiators and infra-red units. These solutions are ideal for providing heating and warmth to offices, site huts and domestic settings thanks to their provision of 3 kW of heating duty from a standard 13 amp wall socket. This ‘plug and play’ setup is our electric hire heater range’s biggest strength making them brilliantly easy to get running.

Our electric fan heaters, such as the Hot Cube 25, are the most compact and portable of our emergency heater hire offerings. However, if you are looking for more targeted heating our infra-red and ceramic space heaters are ideal for you. The unique design of these units means they don’t heat the air but instead only warm objects directly in front of them. This can make them a more efficient electric hire heater solution for special applications such as keeping workers warm in large, unheated spaces.

Of course, if you are looking for higher electric heating duty we have a selection of options. Our three phase electric heaters for hire are ideal for large duty applications where diesel or gas fueled models are not desired. These three phase electric heaters are available with a power output ranging from 6 kW up to 80 kW for single units. They are ideal for heating larger spaces whilst remaining simple to install, providing there is a three phase connection available in the vicinity. Overall, electric heaters are ideal for solutions where you need clean, warm air and have direct access to a suitable power source.


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  • Infrared Heating
  • Oil Filled Radiators

  • 3 kW Fan Heaters
  • 12 – 18 kW 3 Phase Fan Heaters

Experience in providing tempory heating
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