Our Indirect Fired Heater Hire Range

Indirect heaters provide large volumes of clean warm dry air for heating large spaces such as halls, marquees and areas where people are present. This type of heater is also ideally suited to places where

ventilation is limited or there is a risk to combustible materials. Indirect heating is ideal for drying buildings during construction or after flooding because it raises the temperature without raising the relative humidity.

Indirect Fired Heater Hire

Red Star 25

Size: 26.0 kW

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Red Star 30

Size: 32.0 kW

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Size: 33.0 kW

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Radial Heater

Size: 65.0 kW

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Red Star 85

Size: 85.0 kW

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Radial 200

Size: 200 kW

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Hercules 220C

Size: 220.0 kW

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