Remote Telemetry

Remote Monitoring Systems For Fuel Levels and Temperature Fault Alarms


All Seasons Hire can offer full telemetry systems for monitoring our boiler and chiller ranges. These systems can remotely record the fuel levels in the storage tanks as well as monitor performance for any faults, all reported via a web app accessible from any browser.

The Tankscout remote fuel monitoring system is also available for indirect fired heaters used with external fuel tanks.

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Fuel Level Monitoring


The fuel telemetry enables the remote monitoring of fuel levels and is available for use with any external fuel tank.


fuel telemetry

Fuel level monitoring web app.


This basic level of telemetry enables smooth control of regular fuel deliveries, ensuring your tanks never run dry. Usage rates can be used to ensure fuel levels are maintained even as ambient temperatures fluctuate. Whether you are sourcing you own fuel or utilising our fuel management service this option gives you instant piece of mind that levels are not getting low.

The tool can also be used to confirm the sheduled fuel deliveries have been completed, as per the above graph it is clearly marked when the fuel tanks are filled. This telemetry option also enables close control of the fuel levels as the hire reaches its conclusion, ensuring you are not left with unused fuel and full fuel tanks that cannot be transported.

  • Check When Deliveries Are Made
  • Multiple Tank Tracking
  • Manage Fuel Levels At Conclusion of Hire


Follow the below link to view our complete range of external fuel tanks.

View Fuel Tank range

Fault Alarms & Temperature Monitoring


Full telemetry enables complete monitoring of our hire equipment’s performance including fuel levels and fault alarms. This is available for use with any unit in the boiler and chiller fleets.


Heat Monitoring

Temperature monitoring web app.


As well as fuel level information this option includes a wealth of reported data on the performance of the hire equipment. When installed on a boiler package the telemetry will supply information on the flow and return temperatures of the system water, the ambient temperature and the power usage of the unit.

Even further details are reported when the remote telemetry system is set up on a chiller package. In addition to the boiler information the reports also include flow rate, pressure level and any fault alarms reported by the control panel.

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Electrical Usage
  • Boiler Flow & Return Temperature
  • Chiller Flow & Return Temperature
  • Chiller Pressure & Flow Rate
  • Controller Fault Alarms

For full details on the capabilities of our remote telemetry systems please contact our technical department available on our main office number 0800 082 8001.

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